Grasshopper Company

Grasshopper Mowers and grounds maintenance systems are commercial-grade, ideal for mowing and clearing leaves around campgrounds, mobile homes, picnic tables, playgrounds and sports fields.
Grasshopper MidMount mowers are known for their fast pace, low maintenance (only 2 to 5 grease points), outstanding comfort and perfect cut.
Grasshopper FrontMount mowers can easily reach under mobile homes, in-between trees, under fences and shrubs, and provide the ultimate comfort mowing experience. Durable and dependable, transmission systems operate 1,000 hours before first oil change.
Grasshopper is a family-owned company soon approaching its 50th Anniversary. It's a favorite among campgrounds in France and other European countries and is now available from a growing network of servicing dealers in the UK.
Many implements are also available, no tools required to attach or detach. Attach a blower to clear leaves from a wide area. Attach a dozer blade for landscaping tasks. A vertical hedge trimmer is also available.

Stand Number: 2150