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NOV Mono Packaged Pump Stations, Sewage systems, Wastewater collection, storage, handling and disposal is a major consideration for any public amenity, and more so at large establishments such as Caravan Parks, Holiday Centers and Theme Parks, that see an increasing volume in water usage. Over the past five years there has been a significant growth, estimated at 16% p.a. in disposable products such as wet wipes, baby wipes and other one-use products.

NOV Mono recognize these important issues and the subsequent need for a reliable and effective means of handling generated wastewater, and the elimination of equipment blockages now common due to the escalation of the wet wipe and disposable products.

Manufacturing in Manchester for over 75 years, NOV Mono have supplied thousands of package pumping stations to many UK and European leisure facilities, offering lower project costs compared to traditional systems, ease of access and maintenance, together with the effective handling of disposable products that are now common, particularly within areas of public access.

NOV Mono can offer a range of standard pump station packages with on-board grinder units to macerate any expected, and un-expected solids, within the wastewater flow eliminating any on-site equipment problems. A full `one-stop` shop from free site surveys, manufacture, supply, off-load, installation and on-going service and aftermarket support is readily available from NOV Mono installation and service teams

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