SWYTCH is the new affordable eBike system that converts ANY bike into an eBike. It's lightweight, compact and removeable so you can instantly swytch it back into a regular bike.

Finally Affordable
Swytch is the first truly affordable eBike system. It is the result of 4 years of engineering innovation to bring down the cost of building reliable and high performance electric bikes.
Lightweight & Versatile
The Swytch motor wheel adds just 5kg additional weight and leaves it so that it looks and rides exactly like a regular bicycle The power bag weighs just 2.2kg and can be fitted in an instant when you want to 'Swytch' to electric power.

Fits any bike
The Swytch system can be fitted to ANY bike, old or new, big or small. Convert your existing bike to electric, or try one of our complete Swytch Bikes on offer with the system already fitted.
British Engineering
The Swytch system was developed in the UK by a team of British Engineers with years of experience building and developing eBikes. We are dedicated to low-carbon technologies that are good for the planet.



Stand Number: 3229