Ridgewater Energy Ltd

Gas safety valves, LED emergency lightbulbs and solar parasol power, all of these innovative products will be on display and for sale on the Ridgewater Energy stand.

The 'Sample Safe' Gas Safety Valve is a brilliantly engineered valve that replaces the sampling cap on a central heating boiler and offers piece of mind that caps a re safe after boiler servicing is completed. The valves come with individual barcoded labels, so that holiday sites can monitor the installation of the valves along with capturing boiler servicing details through an app.

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The LED Emergency Lightbulb contains a battery, which is charged when the light switch is on. If there is a power outage for any reason whilst the light is on the bulb will switch to battery backup and carry on running for 2-5 hours.
A simple but effective solution, to help light an escape route in the event of a fire where no fixed emergency lighting system is in place, or simply for an elderly or impaired person to find a torch, lock up, get a drink and get to bed!

The Solar Parasol and Portable Solar Charging Kits from Brighter Future are the perfect solution for holidaymakers that want to be off grid and on grid at the same time!
Sure you like to camp out in the middle of nowhere and see the stars, but you still want to stay connected with your phone and laptop, listen to music on your Bluetooth speaker and you would love to be able to hang up a couple of fluorescent tubes so you can see what you are doing!

Well, good news you can do all of this with a portable charging kit and a solar parasol to catch the suns energy and store it in a battery or power-bank for you to draw power from later!

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