Roll-A-Ball Limited

"Come Racing on the Arabian Derby...'

Anyone who has been to Blackpool, Southport, Skegness and other popular seaside resorts will recognize the title as the jingle that plays at the end of every race on the Arabian Derby camel racing game. And in a nutshell, that's what we do, manufacturing and supplying 'Roll-a-Ball' games to the Event, Exhibition and Leisure industries.

Our mobile 4-Player game takes 30 minutes to assemble and is ideal for corporate events, exhibition stands, and product launches. We also make static versions that can be anything from 6-Players up to a colossal 24-Players, with virtually any character that you can think of. (London taxis and buses with a mouse and an elephant supplied to Europa Park Germany being just one example).

If you've never seen a 'Roll-a-Ball' game in action, or you think your venue could benefit from having the number one grossing arcade game at your site, pop over to our stand where we will have a fully operational 6-Player Camel Racing game on display.


Stand Number: 3219