South Westerly

South Westerly design and produce high quality promotional and branded windbreaks and deckchairs.
South Westerly is the first company ever to be able to print and produce individually designed and branded windbreaks that are made to strict and ecological standards.
Manufactured to high standards the windbreaks and deckchairs do not just offer an excellent canvas for a unique and creative advertising campaign but they are also built to last to be used season after season. The windbreaks and deckchairs can be custom printed in bespoke colours and designs to match their clients` brand. Compared to the prices and results that can be gained from billboard, TV and signage advertising, South Westerly windbreaks and deckchairs are the must-have eye catching promotional item with the perfect amount of space to boldly promote a logo, message, event or campaign.
The windbreaks and deckchairs are so versatile therefore the impact they make at crowded beaches, festivals, shows, music venues, garden parties, or anywhere that you want to shout about your product or service is huge.
With a team of skilled designers, they are on hand to turn your brand or design into the latest eye-catching promotional windbreak or deckchair.
With a windbreak or deckchair from South Westerly businesses can be sure that all eyes are on their brand!

Stand Number: 3028