Tugo Food Systems

NEO Pizza is all about great quality authentic pizza; a superior pizza that is guaranteed to increase sales, improve profits and drive footfall. Cooked fresh on site with only the finest ingredients, no artificial additives, colours or preservatives, our unique NEO Pizza delivers that sophisticated, freshly prepared experience that customers` love and expect.

NEO Pizza offers a range of pizza bases from yeast activated dough pucks and ready-rolled fresh dough discs, to authentic Stone bake and Focaccia. Available in various sizes to suit your business; they also come with a full range of innovative and tasty recipe ideas.

The UK`s most vibrant on-the-go food offering; Burrito Cantina is all about personality. From our very own handcrafted sauces, to our authentic flour burritos and theatrical serving style; your customers will adore this fresh take on an authentic street kitchen.

Burrito Cantina creates an on-trend, party atmosphere for customers, and is designed to transform your catering outlet into a destination on-the-go eatery. Re-imagine your catering offering and maximise your revenue.

Our chefs and nutritionists are flavour connoisseurs. Inspired by authentic Mexican street food flavours they handcraft recipes that burst with flavour and contain no artificial additives, colours or preservatives.

Like the most discerning Mexican el chef, at Burrito Cantina we believe only the finest, freshest ingredients will do. So, we support sustainable & ethical farming, use free-range produce wherever possible and handpick our meats from the very best British & Irish farms. This dedication to quality keeps customers coming back for more.


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