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UKLPG is the trade association representing the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) industry in the UK, supplying homes and businesses including the hospitality sector.

Members include LPG producers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and service providers. UKLPG is dedicated to the safe and effective development of LPG with a focus on LPG’s role in providing low carbon heat and energy for homes and business that are located off the mains gas grid, as well as helping to improve air quality in urban areas.

Users of LPG include many businesses within the hospitality sector including holiday parks, hotels, tourist attractions, spas, distilleries, outdoor caterers and many more enterprises located in rural areas.

LPG's flexibility means it can be used for all sorts of applications within the hospitality industry from heating bedrooms and cooking meals to fuelling barbecues in pub beer gardens and cooking street food in the middle of a festival field. Sold in cylinders as well as in bulk, LPG's portability means it can be used anywhere that gas is needed.

Keeping guests happy is the number one priority for any holiday establishment and LPG gives owners and operators the peace of mind they need, leaving them to focus on delivering a fabulous customer experience.

For more information on LPG and to find your local supplier visit the website.