Damien Lee: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Damien Lee

Mr Lee’s Noodles Company

Enticing Young People with New Food Vending

About Damien Lee

Damien Lee is an Australian entrepeuner, a former City head-hunter, a single Dad of two and a stage 4 cancer survivor. Having lost his latest start-up after his illness, Damien realised he loved cup noodles but hated all the nasty chemicals inside them. So he created his own healthy, gluten-free cup noodle, which he'll soon sell on University campuses, Hospitals, office buildings and more through his high-tech 'Noodle Kiosks. With an appetite for Asian street food on the rise and with his modern approach to sales, Damien Lee is definitely on trend. Mr Lee's Noodles are now available to purchase on www.mrleesnoodles.com

Founder and CEO of Mr Lee’s Noodles Damien Lee is no stranger when it comes to starting innovative business. Self defined as ‘unemployable’, Damien has always applied creative thought to a vast network of start-ups with results, including a successful financial recruitment firm and one of the world’s largest maritime communication companies. But his success was not without its boundaries.

This seminar will detail Damien''s concept generation process, demonstrating how a budding entrepreneur needs to be unafraid in their product development in order to see results. Join us to find out how his latest endeavor Mr Lee’s Noodles is using new vending to give young people a healthier cup noodle.

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