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Gerard McCarthy: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Gerard McCarthy

Mr. Sauna Ltd

The current trends for saunas and steam rooms in leisure facilities

Saunas and steam rooms have played a role in leisure facilities for many years, but no longer should you expect a simple pine “box” or “plastic” steam room when you visit a leisure facility.

Over the past ten/twelve years the market has changed substantially and visitors to these facilities, and indeed the facilities themselves have changed beyond recognition.

The development of hotel spa facilities (one must say predominantly from the private sector) has raised expectations from users, as has holidays in countries with a greater knowledge and experience of spa offerings than our own, and also from visiting UK based operators such as Center Parcs.

“Wellness” is now the buzz word, and many operators are finding that the “spa” is no longer just another tick box on the marketing “must have” list, but actually has a real role to play in delivering more visitors and extra revenue.

The market has developed even further recently, where visitors to leisure/spa facilities are looking for tangible health benefits from their experiences, and in this talk we will take a look at what that means and how it can be delivered.

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