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I am the Community Policing Inspector for the East Coast of Lincolnshire, and responsible for community engagement, and performance in terms of crime management within my area. I started my post at Skegness in February 2012, after having served there as Operations Inspector for the 2 years previous. It was abundantly clear to me that caravan crime was a major issue on the Coast, and I began to engage with the caravan parks to ascertain how we could all work better together. I was amazed to find that the parks themselves did not talk to one another, and that police systems were unable to plot recorded crime on sites, as no facilities existed to map van locations within the park. Police MO’s also did not record details such as Caravan make/model, and often neither the owner nor the site kept records of property. I set up Caravan Park Watch with the sites to address these issues, increase engagements, ensure the correct crime prevention advice went out, and that the public were made aware of how they could help. In the first year crime reduced by 50%, and the following year a further 35%.

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