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Jamaine Campbell: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Jamaine Campbell

Elite Dynamics UK Limited

How to maximise your growth potential

If you operate holiday parks and are managing multi-income streams, discover how to maximise your growth potential. This seminar will help you understand how operators can get better transparency, efficiency savings and analysis across the whole business by investing in a business wide Park Management Software Solution.

The holiday park market in the UK is currently very strong but many operators still struggle with the technology side. Discover the reason needed for a total Park Management Software Solution that works across every department within a holiday park, instead of different standalone systems for different departments.

If growth plans are on the horizon in terms of acquisitions/expansion or you are planning to sell your park(s), you will need to either make efficiency savings or create value to do so. A Park Management Software Solution can do exactly that by creating tactical return on investment.

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